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modern au little kid Cosette repeatedly asking Valjean for more information about his past and Valjean saying nothing but that he’s made mistakes but that he tries his best to move forward and help people now and that’s what matters

And Cosette approaches him one day declaring that she’s got him figured out and he’s really nervous all of a sudden because how does she know

and she very calmly and rationally tells him that she knows he’s Batman and he’s chosen her for his Robin

and he laughs and kisses her and tells her that if he were Batman, she’d be his first pick for Robin

and then he buys her a Robin t shirt and a Batman t shirt for himself and sometimes they wear them together on the weekends and it’s the actual cutest thing

We, the women and men of the Church, we are in the middle of a love story: each of us is a link in this chain of love. And if we do not understand this, we have understood nothing of what the Church is.

Pope Francis (via askthecatholic)

I like to listen to the bluegrass radio station on the way home from church because they play all gospel music on Sunday mornings and mostly it’s nice but sometimes there’s like one line that’s just really glaringly Protestant and it’s a bit jarring.

Like this one song they played this morning was about Jesus on the cross but it said he went straight to Heaven when he died and I was like

so i just wrote the scene in my genderbent star wars au where anika kills the younglings and now i am sad

Wookiees are better than people.
Chewie, don’t you think that’s true?

Han Solo, A New Hope (via incorrectstarwarsquotes)

Then when G-d asks [Cain], ‘Where is your brother Abel?’ he arrogantly responds, ‘I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?’
In essence, the entire Bible is written as an affirmative response to this question.

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy (via mermaideleh)

With our backs to the wall, darkness will fall

We never quite thought we could lose it all

Ready aim fire! Ready aim fire!

An empire’s falling just one day

You close your eyes and the glory fades

Ready aim fire!


— Imagine Dragons, Ready, Aim, Fire

(Source: skyguyandsnips)