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I have to admit it is impressive when a fan fic author successfully tricks me into thinking their story is not stupid for a full twelve chapters before I catch on.


The Tigray people have been Christian centuries, and their Christianization predates that of most European groups. They live mostly in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Most of the above people live in Ethiopia, namely the Danakil Desert, the Semein Mountains, and elsewhere in the Tigray region. (Photographers: Hanka Kurczyna, Jeremy Curl, Carl Purcell, Patricia Snook, Nigel Pavitt, and anonymous with Tigray Trust)

I like to think that among the people of Gotham City there are Batman stans and there are Wayne Family/Bruce Wayne stans and they argue over who’s done more to help the city and start stupid social media flame wars with each other, all of which Bruce himself studiously ignores, while it amuses the rest of the batfam to no end.



I want Ahsoka to be a major supporting character in Rebels. 

I just need to see her all grown up and interacting with these amazing characters. I NEED IT.


I definitely would love to see this, but at the same time I think it would kind of imply she was going to die before the show’s end. It’s the same way I feel about Kanan and to a lesser extent Ezra: they’re great characters and I’m excited to see their stories told, but where are they during the Original Trilogy? If there were other Jedi still around by that point, wouldn’t Luke have sought them out or vice versa?

Then again, that’s basically how I felt about Ahsoka during TCW, so she and Kanan and Ezra could always get some other write off à la “The Wrong Jedi” to keep them out of the movies but still alive. Still not likely to be a happy ending, though.

What I really want is to see Ahsoka resurface in Episode VII but I know that’s probably not going to happen.